A Guide to Choosing the Best Fall Alert Watch

Falls are a significant concern for older adults. According to the CDC, more than one in four seniors report falling, making falls the leading cause of injury and death among people aged 65 and older.

An example of how a call to emergency services appears on the WellBe Smartwatch.

One reason falls are so devastating to seniors is that many cannot get back up without assistance. Unless someone is nearby or they can reach a phone to call for help, they need to wait until someone comes to check on them before they can get up. It doesn’t require too much imagination to picture what might happen if help takes hours or days to arrive.

Wearing a personal emergency response system (PERS) device allows seniors to immediately call for help if they fall. Unfortunately, many balk at doing so for various reasons.

HandsFree Health has a solution: a fall alert watch. The WellBe Smartwatch offers all of the features of other watches, with the bonus of built-in fall detection and 24-hour emergency assistance.  

Why Seniors Object to Wearing Medical Alert Devices 

Many caregivers would prefer that their loved ones wear an emergency alert device, like a bracelet, to ensure they can always access help when they need it. 

However, many seniors object to wearing the devices for a variety of reasons, including:

 Senior woman checks her heart rate on a smartwatch.

  • Concerns about cost
  • Resistance to using technology
  • Embarrassment or concerns about being perceived as “old”
  • Fear that using a medical alert means losing their independence 

In short, many seniors simply don’t feel like they need to wear a medical alert device,  

especially if they are still active and independent. 

However, what many people do not recognize is that falls don’t always happen under extreme circumstances. Simple things, like a wet floor or tripping over a pet, can cause a fall that leads to significant injuries, including broken bones and concussions. Certain medications, changes in eyesight, and the slower reflexes that occur with aging can also cause falls, even among otherwise healthy, active seniors

How a Fall Alert Watch Helps 

For seniors who are reluctant to use traditional medical alert devices, a fall detection watch is an ideal solution. Styled like other smartwatches, a fall detection watch allows seniors to reach emergency assistance wherever they are by simply pressing a button. 

However, if the device detects a hard fall, it can automatically contact emergency services, directing them to the user’s exact location via GPS even if they are unconscious or unable to communicate. The fall detection option takes the watch to the next level of PERS, ensuring that help is always accessible.

Another major advantage of a smartwatch over other medical alert systems is that it can be used on the go. Many traditional PERS devices are tied to a receiver, which limits the range in which the device can be used. This isn’t ideal for busy, active seniors, who may need assistance away from home. A watch solves this problem by providing access to the emergency monitoring center 24/7, no matter where the user is located. 

Selecting a Fall Alert Watch 

When you’re selecting a medical alert watch with automatic fall detection for a senior, there are several key features to look for that will ensure the device is easy to use, comfortable, and aligned with their needs. These include:

A doctor shows a patient how to sync a smartwatch and mobile app.

  • Comfortable, stylish appearance 
  • Wellness features, like heart rate monitoring and a pedometer
  • Built-in GPS 
  • Water resistance 
  • Advanced fall detection designed to eliminate false alarms
  • 24/7 Emergency monitoring 
  • Two-way communication capabilities 
  • Long battery life

Above all, a smartwatch for seniors needs to be secure and easy to use. The screen should be easy-to-read, and the speaker volume should be adjustable — and loud enough — to be heard. 

Why Choose the WellBe Smartwatch?

The WellBe Smartwatch with fall detection from HandsFree Health checks all the boxes for a medical alert device — and more. 

The water-resistant fall alert watch has a powerful lithium battery, and thanks to its 4G cellular data network, wearers can contact emergency services wherever they happen to be. And like the WellBe Pendant, the watch is equipped with automatic fall detection capabilities. If the watch detects a hard fall, the emergency monitoring center will immediately reach out via two-way communication — or send help and reach out to emergency contacts if you cannot be reached. 

What really sets the WellBe Smartwatch apart is its integration with other devices in the WellBe family. Not only is the watch compatible with the HandsFree Health mobile app, but it also works in sync with the WellBe Smart Speaker. This voice-activated virtual health assistant can provide critical health information and appointment reminders, connect users with friends and family, and even provide news and entertainment.

Resources to Help Family Caregivers 

Investing in tools like WellBe Medical Alert PLUS, which includes both the smart speaker and the smartwatch with automatic fall detection, is one way family caregivers can gain peace of mind that their loved ones will be safe. 

To learn about other resources, as well as helpful tips and tricks, download HandsFree Health’s complimentary guide, “Caring for an Aging Parent 101.” In these pages, you’ll learn about the different aspects of caring for an aging loved one, what you need to be successful, and how to take care of yourself. Get your copy today and begin your journey toward successful caregiving.