Guide to Reliable Medical Alert Devices

While exercising, a senior man checks his medical alert watch for his heart rate.

Are you worried about your safety or that of your parents, grandparents, relatives, or friends who live alone? Do you work at a senior living community and are looking for technology to help those in your care? Accidents and medical emergencies can happen anytime, and when they involve people who cannot reach help in time, the circumstances can turn dire. Each year more than 800,000 patients are hospitalized because of a fall injury.

A doctor instructs a senior woman on how to use her medical alert watch.

Medical alert devices provide an easy way to seek help in any medical emergency or accident. A Forbes Health survey found that 54% of U.S. adults say they or the adults for whom they care use a medical alert device. These tools are designed with the latest technology to cater to your needs. They provide a reliable solution to contact medical personnel or family members in an emergency.

Medical alert watches and pendants are two of the most reliable medical alert devices. These two options allow people to receive emergency assistance in any situation at any time with a simple push of a button. HandsFree Health offers the WellBe® Medical Alert Watch and the WellBe® Medical Alert Pendant. These reliable medical alert devices provide people with several lifesaving qualities as well as other features.

The Reliability of Medical Alert Devices

Medical alert watches and pendants have elements specifically designed with safety and well-being in mind. But what makes them reliable medical alert devices? In the event of an emergency, you or someone you love may not get needed care if devices aren’t consistent or lack connection capabilities to emergency personnel, or if the medical alert battery life doesn’t last long. In contrast, WellBe Medical Alert watches and pendants are reliable emergency tools for many reasons.

WellBe Medical Alert Watch

A senior woman naps with her emergency pendant around her neck.

When considering a medical alert watch, the features need to emphasize safety. The WellBe Medical Alert Watch is designed with a two-way voice communication system, allowing you to speak directly with emergency personnel. It also has a built-in GPS tracking system that allows medical personnel to locate you in an emergency. With these features, you need to trust that the watch will work when needed.

With a 36-hour battery life, if charged nightly, there is no need to worry in critical situations. Even if the medical alert battery life gets low, you will receive a notification at 20% and 10% battery life to remind you to charge the watch.

On top of these components, the WellBe Medical Alert Watch also includes:

  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Pedometer 
  • Water Resistance
  • Companion App

WellBe Medical Alert Pendant

A happy senior couple walks together in the woods.

The WellBe Medical Alert Pendant is the smallest, lightest 4G medical alert necklace available and provides convenient protection anywhere you go. It is designed with a two-way voice communication system, allowing you to speak directly with emergency personnel. It, too, has a built-in GPS tracking system. As with the WellBe Medical Alert Watch, the pendant’s battery life makes this device reliable. The pendant will last between 24 and 48 hours if appropriately charged, giving optimal protection.

In the event of a fall, not everyone can push a button to contact emergency services. Every 20 minutes, an older adult dies from a fall. The WellBe Medical Alert Pendant includes a fall detection option that detects hard falls. The WellBe Medical Alert Pendant will automatically dial for help if you fall.

Staying on Top of Your Devices

Regularly checking your medical alert devices is essential for ensuring they are working correctly. Periodically checking the battery life, connection capabilities, and other features of your device will help ensure that you are always prepared in an emergency.

To do this, it is important to set a routine. For example, you can set a reminder to check your device every week. You can push your emergency button to connect with an emergency representative and just let them know you are testing your equipment. This will help ensure that your medical alert device is always ready in an emergency. Additionally, charging your product(s) nightly will ensure the medical alert battery life will last.

Reliable Devices for Senior Living Communities

Senior living communities often require reliable medical alert devices to ensure the safety of their residents. The WellBe Medical Alert Watch and Pendant are excellent options for senior living communities as they provide a long battery life, two-way voice communication, GPS tracking, and fall detection. Our experts can even set up alerts when batteries are low for specific residents to go to the necessary personnel. With these devices, you can rest assured that your residents will be safe and secure in an emergency.

Enjoy Your Peace of Mind

The WellBe Medical Alert Watch and Pendant are reliable medical alert devices that ensure top safety for users. The features of the device put safety first as well as provide other critical health information. Shop now to find more WellBe products so you can Be Heard, Be Healthy, Be Empowered.

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